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Section 521.371-521.377, Texas Transportation Code states that persons convicted of misdemeanor or felony drug offenses will automatically have their licenses suspended for a period of six months. In order to have their license reinstated, they must attend and successfully complete an education program on the dangers of drug abuse approved by TCADA. Failure to complete the program will result in the license being revoked indefinitely until the education program is completed. The standardized program is 15 hours in length.

Victim Impact Panels (VIP) sponsored by DWI Education of Southeast Texas can assist offenders with meeting court and probation requirements.  Participants who attend VIP, will learn that drunk and impaired driving has serious negative consequences for victims, their families, and communities. The crime creates a ripple effect throughout the following areas in victims’ lives: financial, physical, emotional, and religious/spiritual. During Victim Impact Panel (VIP), participants will hear firsthand from victims of DWI incidents and how their lives have been seriously impacted.  The objectives of VIP is as follows:

  1. Define drunk and impaired driving. 
  2. Describe current trends for drunk and impaired driving.
  3. Provide examples of drunk and impaired driving.
  4. Explain the impact of drunk and impaired driving on victims. 
  5. Discuss thoughts and feelings about being held accountable for drunk and impaired driving.   

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